About Enbom Honeys

Enbom Honeys is a mother & daughter business ran by Angela & Millie.

Both women are passionate about healthy living and caring for the environment and have discovered that keeping bees fits perfectly with this ethos. They are proud to have turned their passion into a business producing quality honey for you.

Enbom Honeys small scale apiary is located in the central goldfields district of Victoria. The bees are moved from Talbot to Majorca to Dunnstown with the seasons, foraging on predominantly eucalyptus species but of course every honey flow & every extraction is different due to the flora, the season & what the bees choose to collect.

Angela & Millie passionately believe that all good beekeepers are natural bee-keepers, working with nature & the bees, caring primarily for the bees & their wellbeing & genuinely valuing the honey, the beeswax & the propolis too.

Enbom Honeys product is not heat treated or blended & is offered in its natural form with minimum filtering.

Visit our farm store - The Honey Drop

The Honey Drop

Our farm store, The Honey Drop is where you can drop in to taste and purchase our range of honey and bees wax products.

Online store coming soon!

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